One Approach, Many Ways to Engage

Tell us your goals and we’ll connect you with the experts who can help you reach them. Whether it’s a phone call or a private meeting, this direct access helps you gain powerful insights that can drive better decisions. Learn more about GLG Calls

GLG Call

Connect with an expert for a one-on-one phone consultation.

Translated Call

Add a translator for a one-on-one phone consultation with an expert.

Multi-Party Call

Add additional stakeholders to a phone consultation with an expert.

Private Meeting

Meet with an expert face-to-face at a preferred location or virtually.


Receive a full transcript or audio recording after the call.

The GLG Difference

Breadth of Expertise

Our network of approximately 1 million experts is augmented by a global team who can identify and recruit the professionals who meet your needs.

Precise Matches

We combine the human insight of our team with an AI-driven matching platform to connect you to the right subject matter experts.

Highest Standards

Our unparalleled Compliance Framework allows clients to engage with experts in a trusted environment, supported by dedicated tools, thoughtful protocols, and trained professionals.


Researching Expansion Opportunities


A client wanted to expand its existing R&D tax credit business, so it used a GLG expert to conduct 21 calls and compile those insights into a report to provide actionable insights for its product strategy.

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The Bankruptcy of PG&E


GLG helped a client navigate the challenges that PG&E was facing through 60 calls with executives and former politicians across core and adjacent markets.

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Breaking into the European Market


GLG helped a client reach a difficult-to-reach population through 40 expert-moderated interviews. Insights from these calls were used to make strategic decisions about product development, and which markets to enter.

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