Our Purpose & Values
At GLG, we bring the power of insight to every great professional decision. We are guided by our culture of high performance and compassion, as well as our shared values:
We operate with a common purpose.
  • We feel a responsibility to pursue an ambitious purpose given GLG’s remarkable assets and capabilities.
  • We translate our ambitious purpose into clear priorities for each part of our business.
  • Because we share responsibility for the company’s success, we communicate and collaborate across geographies, units, and functions.
  • We are clear and direct, all working towards the same goal.
We constantly redefine the category.
  • We’re proud of creating the industry we lead – but never satisfied.
  • We pair big, bold, and new ideas with rigorous attention to detail.
  • We are never complacent.
  • We take calculated risks, learn from our mistakes, and move quickly to apply learnings.
We are open and inclusive.
  • We keep our ears, doors, and minds open – because we know the best idea can come from anywhere.
  • We exchange knowledge freely, because we know the power of insight.
  • We are inclusive, supporting each other to be our best selves while challenging each other to do our best work.
  • We give, and welcome, honest and constructive feedback, holding ourselves to the highest standards.
We fuel the unique insight in everyone.
  • We assume the best in people and trust each other to achieve results.
  • We recognize that each of us has unique skills and capabilities to contribute – and that just like our clients, we’re smarter when we draw on all of them.
  • We have transparent development plans and flexible career paths that help us grow and achieve our professional potential.
  • We inspire each other, celebrating and rewarding our colleagues’ successes.
We relentlessly prioritize the experience of our clients and experts.
  • We’re tenacious on behalf of our clients and experts, knowing that our business is only as strong as their experience.
  • We are active partners, asking smart questions to help unlock successful outcomes and build relationships.
  • We have clear measures to track our impact, and we never lose sight of the right thing to do for clients and experts.
  • We operate to the highest ethical standards, and we take seriously our role as the standard-setter for an entire industry.